Realizing the potential of Virtual Reality

By showing what it can do.

NextReality Studios is a virtual reality arcade and innovation research center. It will serve to educate clients and businesses about virtual reality technologies and facilitate the research of VR and its many uses. What will it be in the future? We ultimately want to help businesses and consumers learn to use VR effectively.

A Few Reasons We Love VR

People Love Shiny

VR technology is not exactly new but only 5% of the worlds population have actually tried "Real" high-end VR.

Not Your Average Arcade

NextReality isn't just about games. We’re also focused on education and the development of the technology.

Immersion & Conversion

The level of immersion and feedback will be so engaging, players won’t help but want to experience it again and again.

Virtual Singularity

Whether gaming, a classroom, engineering office, or medical room, VR can be  used in a number of ways and places.

We can do mobile too

The technology can also be made mobile to role out at trade shows, corporate events, fairs, conventions, etc.

Be Virtually Anything

Best aspect of VR is that it can simulate the real and imaginary. So you can virtually be anything and anywhere.


Due to the high cost of entry and lack of awareness, most consumers and businesses don’t know or understand the power of virtual reality technologies. They have either never tried it, had a bad experience with it, or don’t even know what it is.

Yet this technology could revolutionize a multitude of issues. We can help you understand and show how to use it.

VR technology’s biggest challenge is people don’t know its potential.

We solve this problem by...

We facilitate a place to try out and experience VR first hand and research it’s different uses.

We host mobile solutions that can be used on location as an outreach and attraction for events. Bringing VR to you for events and special gatherings.

95% on average of customers that have gone to existing VR venues have never tried VR which presents a unique opportunity.

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% Haven't Tried VR
Billion in Revenue (2021)
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"The world of reality has it's limits. The world of imagination is boundless."

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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