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NextReality Studios was created by Damon Miles. Originally conceived in 2002, then named “NexReality Studios” was a home-based business providing corporate IT, consultation, technical support, systems troubleshooting, PC and network repair.

NextReality Studios, LLC.
VRCade & Innovation Center

        NextReality Studios was created by Damon Miles. Originally conceived in 2002, then named “NexReality Studios” was a home-based business providing corporate IT, consultation, technical support, systems troubleshooting, PC and network repair. The business also offered, PC part sales, which was the main inlet of revenue for the small company.


With the recognition of the growth of the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry, a new mission has been created using the current knowledge of the IT industry and the convergence of the Virtual Reality, PC, and console gaming markets. NextReality Studios has gained a new focus and direction and is now planning to take that vision and make it a reality. The next reality.



Some of What We Offer

NextReality VRCade will offer a comprehensive range of products and services to entertain and educate in a family friendly setting. The company will provide state of the art Virtual Reality from fast-paced multiplayer action, relaxing and artistic experiences, and educational and training simulations. For alternate experiences from VR, there will be several console gaming stations featuring the latest in gaming content for Xbox and PlayStation. Nostalgic retro arcade lovers will have classics such as Atari and Super Nintendo.

What we do best!

Whether it’s Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (or to understand the difference), Console, PC LAN, Retro Arcade, Role Playing (RPG). E-Sports, Classic or New Board Gaming, you will find it ALL at NextReality!

NextReality Studios VRCade and Innovation Center is a product of almost 25 years of research and passion! CEO and Founder Damon Miles has been working in the IT/Marketing/Digital Marketing Industry for over two decades. He has also researched Mixed and Hyper Realities, and has been connected to the gaming and VR tech industry developing digital worlds and simulators since the mid 90's.

NextReality is a realization of a dream to create a family-friendly arcade that uses ALL genres of gaming to unite and bring joy to the community. NextReality is also a place where Virtual Reality Technology is pushed to it’s limit, being used in the most innovative ways to improve the quality of life. We are currently actively building partnerships, researching and implementing the effects of VR Tech through outreach and fundraisers with the eldercare community, special needs and grief support organizations, simulation training, local municipalities, school corporations and other educational facilities, youth centers, youth at risk, and robotics programs.

With a 20,000 sqft facility and the ability to grow to over 30,000 sqft, our limitations are truly BOUNDLESS! In our VRCade you will find VR Escape Rooms, VR Laser Tag, VR Port Stations for single and multi-player VR Play, enough space for multi-player free-roam and arena/warehouse scale VR play and experiences. In addition to the VR gaming we also offer PC LAN, retro arcade gaming and one of the largest console gaming selections including 12 different consoles from the Atari to the Xbox. We also hold e-sports tournaments across all gaming platforms! We are true board game fanatics and run regular events for RPG, table-top and board gaming tournaments and social game play. Our VRCade can be used for parties and events of all kinds as well as Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons tournaments. Our ample space can be rented for concerts, dances, cos-play events and just about anything you can think of. Or we will partner up with you to facilitate a fundraiser that will raise the most funds for the cause you care for most!

Best of all... we offer mobile services and can bring most ALL of our VR games, experiences (including VR Laser Tag), tournaments and fundraisers to you! Come visit with us and see What’s NEXT!

Our Mission

NextReality Studios’ objective is to become the premier VR LBE center in all of Indiana & Southern Michiana area. We want to achieve this by giving customers an exciting dynamic experience, relaxing family friendly environment, passionate and knowledgeable staff. We want to educate and share our love of games and technology. 

Our primary mission is to be a successful VR center focused on technologies, education, and gaming that truly immerses all our customers in the experience of being in a fun, social and technologically dynamic center.

Our Market Model

Internet technology and the gaming industry has become a mainstay throughout the world and has evolved into a way of life for many. Specifically, location-based entertainment centers (LBE) have been around for decades in conventional forms as represented by any number of facilities types. Bowling alleys, escape rooms, billiard halls, traditional arcades, movie theaters, water and trampoline parks are the most well-known LBEs.