Snow Battle Arena

Mini Block Tower Battle

The Wild West Lazer Tag

Military Themed Lazer Tag

Choose from 6 different games and 3 game types. 2-4 player battles in laser tag, tower tag, or tennis game types. All free roam and highly addictive games. Playable for all age groups but minimum is six years of age.

Laser Tag Trailer

Mini Block Tower Battle

Laser Tag

In Laser Tag, your visitors will experience action-packed battles with laser weapons in a simulated house fight of the future. Unforgettable fun in a science fiction scenario.

Snow Battle

Snow Battle is a virtual snowball fight for the whole family. In front of a magical backdrop, 2 teams compete against each other and experience winter fun of a very special kind.

Mini Block Towers

Your guests are shrunk to toy size in this innovative and family-friendly shooter. Each player must defend their own tower.

Zero Gravity Tennis

This game offers virtual sport with real calorie consumption. Two players compete against each other and have to try to move a weightless ball into the out of the opponent’s field with energy paddles. This is where you really work up a sweat.


Incredible Paintball action on large virtual ourtdoor spaces with tons of creative and colorful obstacles for the young and old. The setting was inspired by a South Korean TV series.

Wild West

Young and old alike will quickly work up a sweat in this action-packed, competitive shooter. Alternating indoor and outdoor settings provide plenty of variety.
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