NextReality VRCade

Indiana's Largest Virtual Reality & Gaming Center.

Virtual Reality

Welcome to one of the most thrilling entertainment venues in Indiana. NextReality VRCade & Innovation Center!

The VRCade is an entertainment segment of NextReality Studios, a digital agency dedicated to bringing VR, AR, and MR technologies to the local community and beyond. 

We here at the VRCade aim to bring you fun and exciting experiences as well as a place you can relax and escape from the everyday. Ever wanted to feel like your in your own action movie or exercise on a different planet? Looking for a date night idea or just a great venue to take the whole family? We got you covered with our 20,000+ Sq Ft. facility. From room-scale to arena-scale. We have something for the gamer and non-gamer alike. 

We are located in the Old Bag Factory in Goshen, Indiana. Part of a larger collective of awesome shops, great food, and a relaxing wellness center where you can get a massage or take a Yoga class. Next Reality wants to be your NEXT place for adventure. Check out the information below to see more of what NextReality VRCade & Innovation Center has to offer.

Mobile VRCade

Fun, Now in Bite Size!

Our Mobile Setup

Want to add a bit more WOW to your next Birthday party? Or, do you need another entertainment option at that corporate event? Our Mobile VRCade can entertain your guests making you the talk of the party. We are also great for weddings and office parties. 

We can accomodate a number of configurations from 2 to 4 VR headset & stations. Want to setup a mini eSport tournament or even run a Deathmatch style multiplayer battle? We can bring a mini version of our Nexus Arena for your very own bff pwning enjoyment.

There is a 2 hour minimum when renting for any party setup.

Mobile Mini

  • (2) VR Stations/Headsets
  • (1) 50' Spectator Display
  • 10-FT Light Stand w/Banner
  • Indoor / Outdoor (Needs Electric)
  • (1) GameMaster Attendant
  • $40 Per Additional Hour.
$150.002 Hour Minimum

Mobile Standard

  • (4) VR Stations/Headsets
  • (1) 50' Spectator Display
  • 10-FT x 10-FT Canopy
  • Indoor / Outdoor (Needs Electric)
  • (1) GameMaster Attendant
  • $40 per additional hour.
$250.002 Hour Minimum

Mobile Elite

  • (2) VR Stations/Headsets
  • (4) Player VR Arena
  • (Must have Space Available)
  • (2) 50' Spectator Display
  • 10ft x 10ft Canopy
  • Indoor / Outdoor (Needs Electric)
  • (1-2) GameMaster Attendants
  • $50 per additional hour.
$350.002 Hour Minimum

The Game Pad

More Information coming soon!



More Information coming soon!

The Nexus Arena

More Information coming soon!


More Information coming soon!