Kraken Island: Captain's Curse

Be a brave pirate. Don't be a skallywag!

Adventures awaits on the open sea

Kraken Island Trailer

Welcome to Kraken island. Discover or rediscover your childlike soul in this family shooter and set off to conquer the treasures of the past.

 Make your way through the island’s passages and into the captain’s territory, paying close attention to the hordes of skeletons and their cannons pointed at you.

Feel the smell and heat of gunpowder exploding in every direction. And if you survive all the dangers along the way, don’t forget that the captain’s pet is notoriously grumpy.

Genre Escape Adventure
Game Length 30 or 15 minutes
Players 1-4 players

■ Solve the Captain's Curse
■ Watch for the Skeleton crew
■ Interactive levels
■ Works with Feedback vest
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