Lunarscape Breakdown

Discover this escape room in complete immersion!

Communicate with your teammates and solve the puzzles in order to carry out this mission…

Lunarscape Trailer

Discover this escape room in complete immersion! Observe our Earth from the Moon and gather your findings to explore this majestic moon base in LUNARSCAPE: BREAKDOWN!

Communicate with your teammates and solve the puzzles in order to carry out this mission… For adults, young people, or children, will you be able to complete this quest in space ?

During your quest, you will encounter many trials. You will be faced with dilemmas in a permanent state of danger ! Discover the sensations provided by hyper virtual reality !

Feel the molten lava and the power of the wind! Admire the beautiful vistas but don’t let your fear of heights take you into the distant void! Will you come back richer and in one piece at the end of this breathtaking adventure ?

Genre Escape Adventure
Game Length 30 or 15 minutes
Players 1-4 players

■ Solve the puzzles 
■ Watch your step
■ Interactive levels
■ Works with Feedback vest
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