Mission Z II

Lord Grave is back

What dubious plan is Lord Grave working on now?

MissionZ II Trailer

Lord Grave is not done yet and VEX Corp needs your help to shut him down once again. New intel seems to point to a hidden mine deep underneath his manor.

Explore new environments, solve puzzles and escort a bomb deeper into the mine. As you suspect it, Lord Grave’s creations won’t appreciate your visit and you’ll have to survive against hordes of them.

Embark on a crazy train ride and survive Lord Grave’s biggest challenge yet in Mission Z II. Get ready for the ride of your life!
Genre Zombie Shooter Adventure
Game Length 30 or 15 minutes
Players 1-4 players

■ Lord Grave is back 
■ Bigger, badder, better
■ Interactive levels
■ Works with Feedback vest
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