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Oculus 5 Event unveils The Oculus Quest

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg led the charge today at the Oculus 5 event. They unveiled the new Santa Cruz headset now renamed Oculus Quest.

With much to-do, the new headset boast of an wireless system with the mobility of the Oculus Go but the control and 6DoF of the Rift. Oculus also announced it's partnership with ILMxLabs, the VR and amusement division of LucasArts that has developed a new title based on Darth Vader called Vader Immortal. The title will be an Oculus Quest exclusive and will come shipped with the head set as well as have up to 50 titles ready to play at launch. To read more about the event and get more specs and info on the headset, click below.


Oculus Connect 5 Keynote

Oculus Quest Product Page

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